A focus on community health and wellness

Future Location

By 2025 The Raines Institute will be a Beacon of Hope to the hopeless, and a Litehouse to the most vulnerable population by bridging the gap and creating access to critical resources such as Primary Care, Specialty Care Services, Community Wellness, Job Training and Workforce Development.

Conceptual Layout

Conceptual Massing

Phase 1

Primary Care Health Center

Creating Access to Healthcare by providing the proposed services and resources in the Health Center will help us mitigate the risk of a catastrophic health event and manage the health of the most vulnerable population:

  • Primary Health Care
  • Wellness
  • Pediatrics
  • Women's Health & OB/GYN
  • Mental Health Services
  • General Dentistry
  • Podiatry
  • Imaging Services
  • Clinical Research

Phase 2

Building # 2 will offer the following services:
  • Childcare (Drop-In Daycare): 5,000sf (CRSF has identified a provider for this use)
  • Nutrition Services (Meal Prep Education) 3,500SF
  • Community Wellness 3,500sf (Gym Component / Large Meeting Room)
  • CRSF Admin Space 2,000sf (Foundation Space)
  • Workforce Development Training 10,500sf (Community College Space)
  • Family Support Services 2,000sf (WIC and SNAP Social Services)
  • Clinical Research Space 3,500sf  (Morehouse College HBCU Alliance)

(Proposed Facility Size 30,000SF)   

Primary Care Health Center

Providing access to healthcare services that will mitigate the risk of catastrophic health events and manage the health of the most vulnerable population.


Workforce Development

We believe that in order to develop the whole man or women, we must take a holistic approach and focus on Mental & Physical Wellness, Growth, and Sustainability!



We believe that Access, Education, and Opportunity are the pillars of a vibrant community where people are well both mentally and physically and have a chance to develop, grow, and contribute to the next generation!