Designed to Serve the Macon Community

The Curtis Raines Sr. Foundation (CRSF) endeavors to create a place to help eradicate poverty, keep people well, and move a significant portion of the community from dependency to empowerment by providing access to high-quality healthcare, technical training, workforce development, and job placement. The Raines Institute will serve as an Oasis of Hope and a safe place to heal, learn, grow, build, work, and educate all ages.

The goal is to provide an integrated approach to healing the Body, Mind, and the Spirit in highly distressed communities, and provide opportunities for growth and sustainability! By 2025 The Raines Institute will be a Beacon of Hope to the hopeless, and a Lighthouse to the most vulnerable population by bridging the gap and creating access to critical resources such as Primary Care, Specialty Care Services, Community Wellness, Job Training, and Workforce Development.

What We Believe

We believe that when you invest in people, that investment lasts forever. There are many types of financial investments that we can make, but none is as fruitful as that which we make in real people of our community. By improving access to healthcare, we are helping our community members live longer, happier lives, and go on to build strong families and inspire new generations.

Primary Care Health Center

Providing access to healthcare services that will mitigate the risk of catastrophic health events and manage the health of the most vulnerable population.


Workforce Development

We believe that in order to develop the whole man or women, we must take a holistic approach and focus on Mental & Physical Wellness, Growth, and Sustainability!



We believe that Access, Education, and Opportunity are the pillars of a vibrant community where people are well both mentally and physically and have a chance to develop, grow, and contribute to the next generation!